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About us

L’OREM is a service which delivers thought-provoking ideas from all over the world to Japanese audience (primarily designers) by translating those original articles into Japanese.
L’OREM is run and managed by Media Technology Lab., Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd..

Let us translate your article and post it on L’OREM

In order to spread your impressive ideas in Japan, we would like to ask for permission to translate your article and introduce it on L’OREM under the rules below:

  1. Appropriate credits will be given to authors such as links back to the original articles and back to authors ( such as your twitter ) in translated one (referring to the following image).

  2. Your article will be translated by experts in full or in part depends on the length of the text. The title of your article may be altered so that it can be easily understood by Japanese readers.

  3. If there are images, videos and your photographic portrait in your article, we will use them too.

  4. If your article is licensed under a Creative Commons license with “Non-Commercial”, we would clarify that we do not get any direct profit by posting articles.

  5. Your translated articles may be reprinted as L’OREM’s articles in other websites&Apps. In that case, the rule from No.1 to No. 4 above will be applied as well.



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